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Enfield #4 Mk I
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Mosin Nagant M38
Mosin Nagant M44
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Friends and Sponsors


I doubt I'll have too many "Sponsors" listed for my site.  It isn't about putting a link up here just to make myself a quick buck, it's about recognizing people or companies that I've done business with and have found their work, products, or service to be nothing short of remarkable.  These are people who have been a pleasure to do business with and that I'd recommend to anyone.  


My first and only worth sponsor thus far is Ken Pittman's custom firearms refinishing.  Whether you are looking for restoration work for your Enfield #1 Mk3, a camo job for your Remington 700, or just looking to add a little "bling" to your Desert Eagle, Ken's the man to do it.  Ken Pittman of Austin, Texas has served with the Texas Department of Public Safety for 25 years. He was a firearms instructor at the DPS Training Academy for 13 years.  I have witnessed many examples of his work in person and have seen the time and effort he puts into making sure it is done right.  


To get a glimpse at some of his past work and perhaps get an idea of what your rifle, pistol, or shotgun could look like, pay a visit to his site and explore the galleries.  I had him do some custom work on my XD40 Tactical and simply love it. The man does some quality work, that's for sure.